I am excited to be apart of the nutrition program here at 1836 and help you with your nutrition journey. Nutrition has become a priority in my life since having my first child in 2016 and more specifically, following the program offered at 1836 in September of 2017.  


Growing up playing high school and college sports, having a healthy physique was never hard to achieve. That is until the doctor told me that in order for my unborn baby to grow, I needed to consume as many calories as possible on a daily basis and stop working out.  It wasn’t easy, but at that point being a soon-to-be mother I put my head down and indulged in as much fast food, ice cream, and cookies as possible. After all, as girls, we spend most of our days dreaming of our wedding day and babies!


Before I knew it, my delivery day was here and I had gained 60+ pounds! I delivered a healthy 5 lb baby via C-section and was sent home to quickly figure out my new life as a mother. Out of shape and overweight. I worked with a nutrition coach while trying to manage a full-time job in the teaching world and being a new mom. I dedicated what little time I had and the weight began to fall off. Four months later, just as I was getting access back to my entire closet and ready to pass my maternity clothes on to the next mother to be… I found out I was pregnant with blessing number two. This time, pregnancy complications forced me to stop working out immediately and all the hard work quickly faded away into a beautiful baby bump. 


I joined in on the CrossFit 1836 28-Day Nutrition Challenge in September 2017 and quickly learned this plan was doable even with my busy schedule. No more worrying about what time a day I had to eat or counting every macro. Through the challenge, I was taught how to meal prep and make smarter choices when eating out.  The accountability I found through the group was uplifting and inspiring. 


Now, almost two years later my journey is still being written, I have a great relationship with food and I even get to enjoy my favorite bowl of cereal from time to time.  My workouts get better each week and I find myself hitting lifetime PRs often. If you are looking to start your health and wellness journey, book a FREE nutrition consult or reply back to this email! I am looking forward to chatting and hearing your story!