What We See at 1836 

We see hundreds of people each month at CrossFit 1836 that want to improve themselves in one way or another…

We are dedicated to improving their lives on a daily basis through Fitness and Nutrition. By the end of the year we will have helped more people than ever before.  

We love nothing more than when we get a message from a happy member saying something along the lines of … “My Doctor has taken me off of my medication!” or “I have to shop for new clothes because my clothes don’t fit anymore!” 

Real people like Barbara Harrell, a Grandmother who came to us wanting to make her next mission trip the best one yet! She sat down with a Coach and formulated a plan that would give her the best chance to be ready in time. She then put the time and effort in with her Nutrition and Personal Training sessions. Day in and day out. Her Coaches gave her the undivided attention and accountability she needed to reach her goals. In return, she was able to go and see everything Israel had to offer. The excitement she had when she got back is what we work so hard for with everyone that comes to us for help. 

When we see you on a regular basis we can improve your individual experience. We can help to scale movements and make sure the work outs fit your needs. Your goals will become targets instead of wishes as we develop a plan and work together to hit those targets each week, each month, each year. We will celebrate the successes along the way. We will highlight and celebrate the goals you have attained from your hard work and dedication. We will then make new goals, reassess our plan of attack, and keep moving forward.

Need some help this year to be a better you? Let us do what we do best! Come in and tell us your story. We can then work together to build out your Journey. 

Schedule your No Sweat Intro with a Coach today. Your No Sweat Intro will consist of a 15-30 minute free consultation. During this time we will find out more about you and your “Why.” What is currently stopping you, and who is currently helping you. We will then take that information and create your individual Health and Fitness Journey through CrossFit, Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching or a combination of all three.