Toni Marquez

Toni 1836 Toni and Marie

Toni joined CrossFit 1836 back in 2013 and has become an incredible athlete in our gym. We asked Toni a few questions about her CrossFit story…

1. What has been your biggest improvement while at CrossFit 1836?
In the past 2 years I’ve gotten stronger physically and mentally. My health has also improved and I’ve lost some weight and gotten leaner. I broke my wrist about 8 months before joining the box and after being in a cast for 4 months my wrist was very weak with very limited range of motion. I started out doing pushups on the wall, which was a real struggle. Now, I can do regular pushups, gator walks, and other movements with little to no pain at all.

2. Any advice for people wanting to try out CrossFit 1836?
The best advice I can offer is do not be scared. Go into it with an open mind. Pay attention to the trainers when they explain form of movements to you. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask questions.

3. What’s your favorite movement?
I’d have to say my favorite movement would be front squats. I feel like along with making my quads stronger, it has improved my balance as well as strengthening my core.

4. Why did you start CrossFit?
I started CrossFit because I was bored with the monotonous classes offered at my regular gym. It frustrated me, I wasn’t seeing results, and more importantly I wasn’t happy. I’ve never been an athlete, but I knew it was time for something different, something that would bring me out of my comfort zone and push me beyond my limits. I found all of this and much more at 1836.

5. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit 1836?
My favorite thing about 1836 would have to be the coaches. When I first told my husband I wanted to try CrossFit, he took me to check out three different boxes in the area that were closer to home. My last visit was to 1836 and Mat answered any questions we had and showed is around and when we left, I knew I had found my box. The coaches watch your form and tell you if you need to work on something. Also, the simplest thing that you may not realize you are doing or not doing makes a huge difference. They’re also great about encouraging you when you doubt yourself. They will be some of your biggest supporters. Secondly, I’d have to say the other members. We range in age. We cheer for each other, we push each other, and we praise each other.

6. What is your favorite Paleo meal?
I love shrimp and avocado salad. Since learning how to steam veggies, we’ve enjoyed eating lots of steamed veggies with grilled chicken.

7. What is your favorite “cheat” meal?
I don’t know that I have a favorite “cheat” meal. I will say that I have a weakness for hostess cupcakes! But I am proud to say that I haven’t had one in months. ☺

8. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy reading; my favorites are Nicholas Sparks books. I also enjoy going to the movies with my husband. In the summer we like to take our jet ski out on the lake and just spend the day out there. I love to spend time with my family as well, but with three of them being in San Antonio it’s not often we get to see them so when we do, I enjoy it to the fullest.

9. What is something that you have accomplished while doing CrossFit that you never though you would be able to do?
Gosh, I’d have to say the majority of what we do now. If you would have told me years ago that I would be lifting weights and doing even half the stuff I do now, I’d say no way! It’s rewarding to feel the muscles in my arms and legs that I hadn’t felt before. My hard work and dedication is paying off.

10. What do you do for a living?
I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom with our last baby. It’s been 14 years now and it’s been the most rewarding job I’ve had.

11. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.
I’m 43 years old and have been married to my best friend for almost 23 years. We have four great kids: Matthew, 26 (my bonus child), and ER doctor at University Hospital in San Antonio, Arielle, 21, a senior at UTSA (graduating this December!), Nico, 20, just wrapped up his Sophomore year at UTSA and last but not least, Victoria, 14, entering high school in the Fall.

12. What is something you want to achieve in CrossFit?
There are a couple things I’d love to achieve. The first being double unders! I can’t get a double under for the life of me. Secondly, I want to do a pull-up WITHOUT the assistance of bands.