The CrossFit 1836 Story

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CrossFit 1836 started long before we had a name and a building, or even an official affiliation. In 2006 we stumbled onto the magical website of on our mission to find the best workout program available. Like the typical CrossFit story, it only took one WOD and we were hooked. We stopped our current gym memberships and started doing workouts with what little equipment we had because that is how CrossFit began, minimal equipment and a lot of sweat and hard work. We used any extra money we could come across and buy what we needed to add movements to our arsenal, we even recruited a couple of friends to come and give it a try.

After getting certified and  spending a couple of years training at another box and learning the ropes, it was finally time to make the big step of opening our own box and where better to do it than Kingwood, Texas where there was not another CrossFit Gym for miles. After much deliberation, we settled on the name CrossFit 1836 because there is nothing better than being from the great state of Texas. So with that, we became affiliated in September 2010 and found a 1,500 square foot space in a business park. The building was nothing but office spaces, so we had to completely renovate the space.

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After all the dust settled, we opened the doors and began running classes. We started filling every square foot with people and sweat, even spilling onto the streets outside. Once that space ran out we took out even more office space utilizing every square foot possible for clients. When classes kept filling up we realized the place wasn’t going to get any bigger. Plus the landlord was getting a little tired of mobs of people running laps through their business park.


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So with that, we set out to find the new home of CrossFit 1836. We were able to find a space that fit our needs and made the move to a 5,000 + square foot space. We have been growing ever since and have goals of adding more trainers and programs to help make the 1836 experience the best it can possibly be. We are relentless in our effort to improve and good will never be good enough.